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This year the team is made up of 17 students who went through an audition, interview process, and were chosen to represent San Clemente High School. The purpose of the team is to create a positive atmosphere where the students can develop their mind, body, and spirit–and have fun! Our focus is diverse. We are a Competition Team who also spends time and energy on giving back to the San Clemente community that so generously supports our dancers.


Promote and uphold school spirit by acting as a positive role model at all SCHS Dance Team events and activities. Demonstrate a positive attitude and behaviors at all Dance Team events and activitiesBuild strong relationships with each other as well as with other schools and our community. We hope to uphold all the traditions and hard work this dance team has built since it was established in 1995. 


The members of the San Clemente High School Dance Team are chosen by an audition process every spring. Students wanting to audition for the Dance Team must:  Possess strong dance technique (training in ballet & jazz including triple pirouettes, turns in second, flexibility including splits & leaps, extension, and strong hip hop technique) Exhibit excellent showmanship and performance skills. Demonstrate team spirit and dedication. Maintain a positive attitude and solid work ethic. Earn and maintain a minimum 2.0 academic GPA

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